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Coconut Caressed Banana Muffins - May 16th, 2014

In my inaugural post, I promised I’d show you my wife’s hottest muffin recipe. Today, I deliver. She’s been asked for this recipe a lot, and it’s the one that she makes most often.  She also makes them so often because we have a surplus of blackened bananas sitting in the freezer. I admit it, bananas are one of the few fruits that I’ll actually eat (without sugar and chocolate coating it). Judging from the stockpile of overripe bananas sitting in our freezer, I’ve been a very bad boy.

Luckily, my wife has this super power that enables her to hide food that I find distasteful, in other foods that I find delicious. Once she even made me eat cauliflower purée cleverly disguised in delicious mac ‘n’ cheese. I’m still plotting my revenge for that one.

Bananas are an easy sell for me though, so my wife doesn’t really have to call upon her cloaking superpowers – particularly when she decides to stuff her muffins with tiny morsels of sweetness, like chocolate chips.

My wife says that this recipe is one of her best because it’s a really great base for a banana-bread type muffin that lends itself easily to additions and modifications. She’s tried many different flavour combinations, all with good success. Anyhow, as promised here’s my wife’s Coconut Caressed Banana Muffins recipe.

Bake on,

P.S. I know, I know… where are all the pictures? I’ve checked out those ‘other’ baking blogs with their filtered photos and cleverly dressed props. I don’t bake ’em; I just eat ’em, so there will be no fancy photos accompanying these posts. I may post a snapshot or two, but it’ll most likely be of an empty plate.



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