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Friday Night Date Night: Lemon & Herb Chicken - Sep 23rd, 2014


My wife and I are like a lot of couples. Life sometimes gets really really busy and we forget to stop and make some time for each other. One way that we incorporate time together into our hectic schedules is by making dinner together. Of course, we don’t have time to do this every night – but we try and make it a priority at least once a week – and usually Friday nights are it.


Now, I may have been holding out on you a bit. I know I brag about my wife’s muffin a lot, but what I didn’t tell you is that both my wife and I are pretty handy in the kitchen. My wife is definitely the head chef around here, but I make a pretty damn good sous chef. I’m the brawn in the kitchen, and she’s the brains.  So, my Friday nights usually involve taking orders from a sexy woman in an apron… no complaints here. 😉


Last week the temperatures began to dip and we were both in the mood for roasted anything. We had an abundance of sage and rosemary to harvest still from the garden, and since my doctor has suggested that I cut back on the red meat, we decided to roast a chicken for Friday night date night. We settled on roasted potatoes (or ‘roastie toasties’ as my wife calls them) and steamed green beans as accompaniments.


We cut a lemon into quarters and stuffed that in the chicken, along with some fresh parsley, garlic, and sage. Getting the herbs inside the bird was super easy by chopping them up first and putting them inside an herb ball made from cheesecloth. Four lemon wedges and one herb ball were the perfect fit. Use more or less based on the size of your poultry. We also basted the outside of the bird in a generous amount of butter, and added some water to the bottom of the roasting pan for making a broth for a hot chicken soup the next day!


Preparing the potatoes for roasting was a snap too! We tossed bite-sized pieces in some olive oil, sea salt, and freshly chopped rosemary.  The taters only took about forty minutes to roast in the oven, and we just popped them in while the chicken was still cooking. The chicken definitely took a bit longer, but it was worth the wait. We roasted our chicken for just under two hours at 325 degrees – and we always use a meat thermometer to test whether meat has been cooked thoroughly. We topped some steamed green beans with butter, and voila! dinner was served!


The chicken had a nice golden colour and was very moist and tender. It also had mild citrus and herb notes (flavour notes, not to be confused with the musical kind… it’s okay, I had to look that up too.). The potatoes roasted up nicely too, and the rosemary/sea salt combination was awesome! The best part about this dinner, aside from the company, was that we had lots of leftover chicken for an awesome chicken soup the next day.




P.S. We’re making some big changes soon. You’ll see a new look, new domain, and my wife is putting her artistic talents to use and is creating some original artwork for the site. We’ll also be adding some more info soon on us… including photos (I know, we can hardly contain our excitement either!). Be on the look out over the next few months!

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