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Halloween Tricks & Treats: Couples’ Costumes - Oct 1st, 2014

My wife and I have been keeping a secret. We’ve been trying to keep things cool and not get too excited. So now that it’s officially October we can let the cat out of the bag…. my wife and I LOVE Halloween.


It’s true. If someone was to survey our storage room they would note that we have about the same number of Halloween boxes as we do for Christmas. We’ve also been known to throw some very spooktacular Halloween parties. This year, since we can’t actually host a party, we thought we’d dig through our archives and share some of our Halloween adventures with you. We’ll share our costumes, decorations, pumpkins, and deviously good eats throughout the years. Since we have so much to share, we’ll be doing so throughout the whole month! At the end of the month, we’ll reveal the costumes we’ll be wearing this year. Let’s get started!

 My wife and I have traditionally tried to make our own costumes. Sometimes, they’re super easy to throw together, and other times, well, they require a bit more finesse. Time is always the biggest factor in whether we’ll be able to make more intricate costumes. A couple years ago, we just couldn’t find the time to make those kinds of costumes, so we opted for something quick and easy.


The only items we had to buy for these costumes were the masks and labels for the name tags. We simply wore our own black clothes and stuck ‘Hello, my name is’ labels all over the clothes. We printed the names of celebrities and some of the party guests on the name tags. It was a clever costume that required very little time, money, or effort.


Then there are the years were we spend a little money and a lot of time and effort. These are the years that we’ve created some of our favourite couples’ Halloween costumes. We’re not always sure what will inspire us either. For a few years we were making fairy tale themed costumes. Another year, an amazing deal on large costume wings inspired us to dress up as ‘good and evil’. There was a lot of makeup work involved in those costumes, and we discovered that the wings weren’t really suitable for an apartment-sized Halloween party. We’ll be using wings again in this year’s costume (stay tuned!).


Of course, there have been years where we’ve themed our costumes around our party (or our party around our costumes, if you prefer). Once such year we hosted a Wonderland themed party. My wife and I chose to go as Alice and the White Rabbit from American McGee’s Alice game franchise, just to give our costumes that added creepy effect. As far as DIY costumes go, this was by far our most labour intensive, but the results were worth it.

We did have to buy a few supplies, including accessories such as the carrot and knife. We also bought the hat and a cheap pair of bunny ears that we sewed on top. The bunny ears even came with a puffy tail, so I was able to achieve the full effect by sewing the tail onto an old pair of pants. My wife took a couple of old dresses and sewed together a tattered Wonderland dress from them. She bedazzled the edge with playing card symbols. The rest of our costumes was all make-up. Truthfully, most people know my wife as the artist in our household, but the Halloween makeup work is all me. It took me almost two hours to do my makeup that night. That was about how long it took me to do my makeup the following year too, when we decided to go as Red Riding Hood and the Wolf (dressed up as Granny, of course).

Probably more fun than creating our own costumes is seeing what other people come up with. We’ve seen some amazing costumes over the years, and some pretty funny ones too. It’s always great when others share our enthusiasm for this playful time of year. We may be all grown up,but that doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun and embracing our inner kid. My wife and I hope you find some inspiration to create something fun and enjoy the season with loved ones. We know we will!


In our next Halloween Tricks & Treats post we’ll share some of our decorating and pumpkin carving creations.


Gregg & Mae


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