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Halloween Tricks & Treats: Food & Drink - Oct 27th, 2014

tableIt’s finally here! Our final Halloween Tricks & Treats post. This month, my wife and I shared some of our pumpkin carving creations and some of our couples’ costumes over the years. Next up: food and drink. We also promised to share this year’s Halloween costumes with you, and if you follow us on Facebook you already got the sneak peek!

Since we didn’t throw a party this year we just don’t have a lot of great images of Halloween eats to share. We have a few, so we’ll post those, but obviously, there’s no shortage of Halloween inspired food ideas on the Interwebs. We’re going to tell you about some of our faves and give you links so you can make your own spooktacular snacks & apps buffet!

First up: Shrunken Apple Heads. Okay, we know that this really isn’t a recipe for edible shrunken apple heads, but it’s still a fun and surprisingly simple decorating idea using a food item. Hence why we decided it was going to be squeezed into this post.


This fun project uses apples to create creepy decorations for your Halloween table or other themed event. After drying the apples for about two weeks, we used grains of rice to create the jagged teeth effect. You can also speed up drying time by using an oven. In 24 hours, you’ll have grotesque shrunken apple heads. You can find step-by-step instructions here, including some really awesome ideas for creating facial features in your own shrunken apple heads. Seriously, go look at the apples via the instructions link, not ours, if you wanna see how to really rock shrunken apple heads.


You can’t have a Halloween snack table without some witch’s hat cookies. These simple treats are a fun and safe activity for younger kids to help out with. There’s a variety of recipes available online, including some that offer fun (and tasty) peanut butter cup brooms. These treats are the perfect answer if you need a last-minute recipe idea.

Now let’s talk about Mummy Shrimps. These bad boys we have admittedly never made. One of the great things about hosting Halloween parties is encouraging guests to contribute to the buffet with their own creations. One year, one of our guests made these incredibly awesome Mummy Shrimp appetizers. Now, we’re sure this recipe isn’t as easy to throw together as the witch’s hat one above, but the good news is that there’s a great video tutorial available here.

There’s one Halloween treat we make almost every year, at least every year that we host a party: Pickled Brains. No, there’s not actually any pickles involved in this recipe, and it’s an adults-only one. We’re referring to spiked jello shaped to look like a brain. It’s always a hit at our parties. It’s another super easy recipe that you make a day ahead of the event. Simply follow the package instructions on the jello box , except you’ll want to replace the cold water with vodka or rum. For milder Pickled Brains, you simply substitute less cold water than the full amount for liquor. Just don’t forget to ensure that the liquor and cold water you may use equal the amount indicated on the package instructions.

Finally, we promised we’d show you our Halloween costumes for this year! Not everyone knew what we were supposed to be, but it was fun having people try and figure it out. My wife was mistaken for a black swan, fallen angel, and even black chicken (which is funny, since that’s the name of one of her blogs), and I was most often asked if I was a vampire. That’s the thing about Halloween, it opens up the imagination.

Now for the big reveal…. introducing Poe’s Raven:

Have a safe and happy Halloween! Cheers!

Buy brain jello molds here:
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