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Spice Up Your Life With My Wife’s Rack - Jan 27th, 2015

We’re serving up something a little different today. It’s one of our first DIY posts. You may recall that during the lead up to Halloween last year, we also shared a couple themed DIY posts. The thing is that my wife is rather crafty almost all the time. She’s always making stuff, and not just delicious food stuff either. So we thought, why not share those cool things too? So, here we are, and we hope that with the launch of the site redesign (coming February 2015) we’ll be able to offer even more DIY posts. Who knows? I may just have a few crafty tricks up my sleeve to share too.


Now, let’s talk about my wife’s rack… spice rack that is. We decided it was time to share this easy do-it-yourself spice rack project with the world because we have gotten so many compliments on it. Seriously, it is the one single thing in our home that almost everyone who has visited has said something about. It’s usually something like,”That’s a really cool idea!” or “Where did you get that?”  or “Wow, that looks like art!”



That’s what makes this spice rack so cool. It does look like a bit of modern art, but it is also serves an important kitchen function. And it’s super easy to put together.

Magnetic spice jars are fairly easy to find at most kitchen stores. We found some inexpensive ones at our local bulk food store. My wife was really keen on having a chrome or stainless steel look, so we bought magnetic jars that had clear lids and stainless steel containers. That was the easy part.


Locating a metallic finished dry erase board proved a bit trickier, but we managed to locate them at a leading office supply retailer. We have a lot of spices, so it was necessary to purchase two boards to accommodate the myriad of magnetic jars waiting to be hung.

Once we found all the supplies (and stocked up on loads of aromatic and colourful spices), it was simply a matter of hanging the boards on the wall and piling on the spice jars.



Voila! A functional and stylish spice rack.


Gregg & Mae

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